Our Services: Bid Proposal Development

Bid Preparation

Writing a bid proposal is both a science and an art. At Mobile Resources, we provide a structured approach to responding to the technical requirements of a RFP as well as writing in a language that meets the client's needs.

At Mobile Resources, we will assist you in improving your bid proposal submissions; teach you how to get invited to bid on RFP's; and assist you on how to leverage your resources in order to be successful in winning a contract with both the public and private sectors.

At Mobile Resources, we offer you a complete range of services from proposal development to quality assurance reviews of your bid proposals, including the following key services:

Assessment of Previous Bid Proposals:

Development of New Bid Proposals:

Conduct Quality Reviews:

Post Bid Proposal Submission Evaluations:


At Mobile Resources, we promote the highest standard of client services and we conduct ourselves with utmost integrity and confidentiality when providing our bid proposal services to our clients. To support this, we enter into non-disclosure agreements with all clients to protect and ensure your material is safe and protected with us.